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What our Patients Say


“Dear Mr Slade and all nurses and staff
Thank you for getting me well from vulva cancer. I felt so elated when you gave me the good news last week.”


“Dear Mr Slade
I look forward to telling you in person, however in the meantime, I would like you to know how grateful and appreciative I am for your knowledge, expertise and kindess during my recent surgery. I have suffered for a number of years and now believe, with your help, I can now continue with a better quality of life. Once again, than you so………. Much! May God Bless and keep you well.”


“To Dear Mr Slade
Those magical words you said to me on our first meeting “This is what I do” as you pointed to my tummy, they told me I had at last found the right person for the job. Steph told me you were good but she didn’t say just how good!!! Thank you for taking me on, You simply are the BEST!.”


“Dear Mr Slade
I would just like to say a ‘big thank you’ for the major involvement you had in my recent operation at the Spire Hospital. I found your approach to my treatment and care pre, peri and post-operatively very reassuring and positive. I will certainly recommend your service to all my nursing colleagues in theatres at the MRI! Kind regards”


“Dear Mr Slade
Just a note to say ‘Thank you’ so much for ‘saving my life’. You inspired confidence in me from the first meeting and the operation held no fear for me, especially when you visited me just before. I am starting chemotherapy soon and I know that it will not be wonderful but I am so grateful to you. Thank you again and God bless you, yours most sincerely.”

Mary J.L.

“Dear Mr Slade
Thank you for the care with which you arrange everything necessary to reach a diagnosis as quickly as possible. I am deeply grateful for your knowledge, skill and empathy which put me at ease and gave me such confidence and comfort. My daughter, who accompanied me, wishes to add her thanks to mine.”

Sylvia L

“Dear Mr Slade
My eternal gratitude to an excellent surgeon and a wonderful man who has given me a fighting chance against cancer. I am full of admiration for the excellent care, strength and support your give your patients. I pray God will always give you Healing Hands. God Bless.”


“To Mr Slade and all your team
My family and myself would like to thank you all for saving my life. It is some time now since my operation but I really wanted to let you all know how successful everything has been since you removed the cysts and gave me my hysterectomy. I have now finished all my treatment and the news is good that there is no cancer in my body, just 3 month checks, that is wonderful. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I hope I continue to stay as well as I am now feeling.”


“Dear Mr Slade,
You are not likely to remember me but I think of you often. It is 15 years since you operated on me and as I have been 80 years old on 26 September my daughter and I thought we would really like to thank you for getting me these last 15 years.

Unfortunately, my dear husband died 4½ years ago but at least I was here to look after him. I have also been able to see our grandchildren grow up. I do have a good social life. I remember you saying to me what I want you to do is to have another good 20 years and I am doing my best.

Thank you again and God Bless you. Love Ida”